Wednesday, December 12, 2018

How to Resize WhatsApp Dp On Android?

We all like keeping DPs in WhatsApp. You will select the perfect pic for display. The best among your gallery is chosen and kept as the standard picture. But sometimes you may feel that you would have to change the size of the photo to make it presentable. But the resizing options may not always do the thing which you have in mind. The size may not be suitable for the WhatsApp DP. You may be thinking of downloading an editor app which may have various complicated filters and crop settings that will confuse you. There is an excellent method to do this. 

As we all know WhatsApp takes square pictures as the profile pictures. The mobile phones usually take photos in the landscape or the portrait mode. If you want to use a photo to keep as a profile picture on WhatsApp then you have to open the settings on the camera and select the option 1:1 size ratio as the DP if the two resolutions are similar. If it is a display picture or a profile picture the WhatsApp settings will not crop the picture. So do it in your phone camera settings. 
How to crop the picture? 
Now on the other hand if you have already got the picture in the portrait mode or the landscape which you like to keep as a DP, there is a way. You may use the WhatsApp settings to make it suitable for it. You can crop the top and the bottom of the picture or the left and the right of it. It can happen automatically when you decide which off the part of the photo you want to crop.

Then it can make the picture a square 1:1 resolution. There is also a way to keep the whole picture. For instance for the portrait picture you need to have some spaces in the left and right. For the landscape picture, you can add some extra area at the top and the bottom of the photo. We can do all these without the help of the photo editor app. Let’s see how it can be done easily.  
•    For a picture in portrait mode rotate it sidewise and take a screenshot. 
•    After taking the screenshot the photo will have extra black spaces and you can edit it and keep it as your WhatsApp DP. 
•    Open the WhatsApp and keep it as your DP where the picture can be cropped. 
•    For the photos with the landscape mode take a screenshot of it and rotate the screen. 
•    Add the original photo after taking the screenshot. 
•    Now select the picture as the DP in WhatsApp. It will crop the photo in the top and the bottom to make it into a 1:1 resolution photo. 
There is no need of downloading a photo editor to edit the picture for you. You can easily do with the help of the inbuilt features on your phone. This trick to resize the WhatsApp DP will be beneficial for you. 

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